Last night I had a lovely catch up with Molly & Scott who are getting married in just a few months from now at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

After going through all the details and timings we then went for a little walk to capture some natural and relaxed photos with the odd one or two looking to camera, which is exactly what the couple are after.

The first few minutes is always a little strange for most couples in front of the camera but once Molly & Scott got a feel for how I work they soon became relaxed and forget about being photographed. We had a lovely walk and went on to capture some lovely moments as you can see below.

After the shoot I couldn’t wait to get home and see the images on a big screen and begin the post production. The couple explained to me their wishes when it came to post production and editing and I have created the style you can see below which again is exactly what the couple where looking for. Here’s what the couple said in their email to me this morning:

“It was such a lovely surprise to get your email when we woke up this morning. We were almost late for work looking through all the photos at 6am! They are just perfect, thank you. The style is exactly as we had envisaged and it’s made us so excited and we can’t wait to see what they will be like on the day!”

The bride & groom are now feeling very relaxed about their photography on the day, they know they can trust me to take care of them and capture their special day they way they have always wished.
Thanks again Molly & Scott, I’m very excited too and I can’t wait to see you in London.
J 🙂
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