I’ve really been looking forward to capturing Paul & Nicole’s big day for nearly two years now. In that time Sarah and I made a beautiful little baby girl and it wasn’t long before I realised that on her first birthday I would be capturing Paul & Nicole’s wedding day. So it was very special day for Paul & Nicole, a very special day for Lily which in the end meant a VERY, VERY special day for me. After an amazing morning eating birthday cake for breakfast (as well as wearing it, flicking it and splatting it – see pic) we watched our little bundle of joy open a few presents and then proceed to play and eat the wrapping paper whilst also trying to figure out what a ballon was. Brilliant!

It was then time to set off an do what I love. I couldn’t wait to get to the venue and start capturing the story as the day unfolded. Paul & Nicole just wanted natural and relaxed shots, with just a few formal group shots. They wanted me to capture their family and friends just being themselves. I always imagine my bride and grooms looking at their picture is 20 years and I want the characters and personalities to really jump out from the photo. I don’t like to force shots or get in the way and spoil the moments, rather just capture that key moment as it happens for real. It could be a hug, a smile, a kiss or any of the many emotions that you see on a wonderful wedding day.

Thank you so much to Paul & Nicole and all their families and friends for what was a splendid day indeed.

Here are a few of my fav’s from the day, starting with Lily of course and that special home made birthday cake ūüôā

J ūüôā


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