Hi Everyone,

I’m glad to say that I’m back blogging again 🙂

After one or two IT issues I decided to leave my old iWeb blog format behind and move over to a wordpress platform. After getting my head round it all, my new blog is now up and running. Yep-pee! You’ll now be able to leave comments, click the ‘Like’ button and share with family and friends on Facebook.

So please add me to your bookmarks – http://www.jasonhowardphotography.co.uk/
and you can keep in touch with what I’ve been up to and drop me a line.

Also I’d love to hear from you if you think of ways I can improve my website and blog, what would you change, add, remove etc etc… let me know.

Many thanks for your interest and I hope you continue to enjoy my passion.

Take it easy,


PS. You can still visit my old blog posts by clicking the link under Archives or use this address – http://www.jasonhowardphotography.co.uk/previous_blog/




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